Farm Fresh Eggs

Farm Fresh Eggs




A word from the farmer on the chickens they raise

If you have never had farm fresh eggs before, you might find yourself wondering. Why are the eggs different sizes and colors? Eggs from the farm are not uniform in size and color the way you find eggs at your local grocery store.

Chicken eggs can range from tiny, about the size of a quarter, all the way up to “Wow! Is that really a chicken egg? Egg colors can include: white, brown, plum, pink, green, blue, chocolate and with several
shades of each. The posibilities are endless. Getting familiar with the size difference, along with the reason behind it, can make a transition to cooking with farm fresh eggs an easy one.

Eggs seen in grocery store isles are sold based on the US Department of Agriculture s (USDA) idea of acceptable. Most eggs we see at the store are white (or sometimes brown) and appear to be about the same size.
While this uniformity is what most people assume as normal, in fact, is just the opposite. All eggs vary drastically in size and color between breeds and age of hen. Sometimes when a hen begins a new laying cycle, a few eggs may be smaller than normal that may or may not contain a yolk sac. When this happens, and there is
no yolk inside of the egg, it is called a fairy egg. These eggs are nothing to worry about (absent of additional issues for concern) and can happen at any stage of a hen’s laying life.

When you choose to purchase eggs from you local farmer s market, co-op or stand, focus on the fact that they are fresher and more nutritional than commercial eggs. Take comfort that you know where they are coming from.
When you buy eggs from us you are getting true free range eggs. We have over 600 hens/pullets, and our girls are spoiled! Currently, we have standard and bantum size chickens, and some exotic breeds including silkies and crested. The chickens have over 12 hours a day of free range time in our grassy, weedy, bug filled chicken paradise of a yard, and when there is leftover produce from our market the girls are in for an extra treat. They have access to several buildings/shelters, roosts, nesting boxes and areas to dust bathe. Property also has a beautiful pond full of hyacinth for access to crystal clear water as well as drip water system.
We only lock them up at night to keep them safe. The farm is family owned and operated and practices sustainable methods.